Garden Club

Ericson Garden Club is new for 2023-24!

Garden Club

Ericson Garden Club aims to create gardening experiences on campus that enrich our community’s understanding of how plants grow and where food comes from. These experiences include classroom lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, activities for afterschool club meetings (beginning January 2024), and general field studies that take place in and for the gardens on campus that we manage.

Thus far… our parent committee has worked on:

  • Planting and supporting the care for three winter garden beds
  • Planting potatoes with TK and Kindergarten classes. Currently a competition to see which class grows the most potatoes.
  • Creating a field study activity of pea variations for 1st grade students
  • Studying and observing gulf fritillary caterpillars turn into chrysalides and then into butterflies with 2nd grade classes
  • Creating ecosystems featuring decomposing pumpkins with the 5th grade classesall through the power of donations! 

Our next steps include:

  • Creating a pollinator garden for more field studies
  • Creating garden science lessons and activities for other grade levels and self-contained classrooms
  • Club activities: preparing garden updates, building a garden border, painting trellises, creating garden activity kits, and more
  • Updating our garden beds as the seasons change
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