Behavior Plan

Safety PatrolBehavior Plan


  1. Weapons, explosives, imitation firearms (expulsion)
  2. Physical injury (suspension)
  3. Drugs and alcohol (expulsion)
  4. Alcohol (expulsion)
  5. Stealing or extortion (suspension)
  6. Damage to others' property (suspension)
  7. Obscenity/profanity/vulgarity (obscene, vulgar or profane remark directed at others) (suspension)
  8. Sexual harassment (verbal, visual, physical) (suspension or expulsion)
  9. Hate violence (incident motivated by hostility, toward a person's disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation) (suspension)
  10. Disruption/defiance (verbal abuse or defiance of teacher/supervision) (suspension)

*Students who violate any of the "intolerables" will automatically receive a referral and be sent to the office for appropriate action by teacher and administrator.

*If the behavioral problem continues to exist, the unit member and the principal shall continue to discuss and attempt to identify a resolution to the problem.

School Wide Rules

Common Area

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

General Rules

  • Follow adult directions

  • Respect others' personal space; keep hands and feet to yourself

  • No put downs or profanity

  • Take good care of all school property

  • Follow all school rules

  • Keep toys, games, balls, junk food, and candy at home

  • Bring healthy snacks

  • Keep our school clean and safe

Playground Rules

  • Follow adult directions

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Remain in assigned playground area

  • Run in designated areas only

  • Freeze at the bell

  • K/1/2 - Freeze and squat at the bell

  • Follow game rules

  • Use equipment properly

  • Play safely


  • Follow adult directions

  • Respect the privacy of others

  • No playing in the bathroom

  • Wash your hands

  • Flush toilet

  • Keep restrooms clean


  • Follow adult directions

  • Put trash in trash containers

  • Food must stay in lunch areas

  • Always walk

  • Remain seated until dismissed

  • Do not throw or play with food

  • Use a quiet voice

  • Remain seated until excused

  • Check your table and ground for trash

Hallway Rules

  • Follow directions

  • Always walk

  • Use a quiet voice

Library/Computer Rules

  • Respect the teacher

  • Clean up materials

  • Follow adult directions

  • Use quiet voices

  • Choose and treat books appropriately

  • Use computers with care


  • Always use a pass with time and date

  • Always walk

  • Use a quiet voice

Teaching Proper Behaviors

Teachers will chart proper behaviors through a "how to" process in September and revisit as needed throughout the year.

  • Co-create behavior charts with students
  • Model expected behavior
  • Model inappropriate behavior
  • Have students practice proper behavior
  • Reward students for proper behavior

School-Wide Reward Program: Very Impressive Person Ticket (V.I.P.)

The V.I.P ticket is our school wide reward program. It is a system for keeping track of and rewarding students who behave respectfully and responsibly. All staff members (especially those that supervise playground/lunch areas), may hand out V.I.P. tickets to those students behaving in a commendable manner. Staff members will mark the appropriate box for the behavior demonstrated. Students who receive a ticket are to place it in the container that is located in the school office.

  • Students may receive a ticket for the following reasons:
  • Being helpful, responsible, or respectful
  • Being an awesome friend
  • Using kind words
  • Standing up for yourself or others

Winners will be announced during School Spirit Day (held on the first Thursday of each month). A predetermined number of tickets will be drawn and the winners will receive recognition and a reward.

School-Wide Positive Consequences

Positive behavior is frequently rewarded and acknowledged. The staff makes every attempt to find positive behaviors in each student. We encourage those behaviors through inpidual attention and recognition. Deserving students receive from their teachers and support staff members, verbal praise, awards, special day activities, positive phone calls, and letters/notes to parents.

Teacher Intervention Inside the Classroom

Step 1

Verbal Warning

Step 2

Documented Warning: Fill out reflection form and send home for parent signature

Step 3

Time out and reflection in a buddy room. Contact parent through note or phone call

Step 4

Office Referral: Student sent tothe office with a referral and his/her reflection form. Administrator will determine next steps

Step 5

Contact parent and administrator for a parent teacher conference (administrator present as needed)



Staff Intervention Outside the Classroom

Step 1

Verbal Warning

Step 2

Shadow an adult for timeout/inform classroom teacher

Step 3

Severe behavior (to include major defiance)

Refer to certificated personnel on duty who will handle the situation or make appropriate referral



*If a student is sent to the office with a referral he/she will be under the administrator or designee's supervision and will complete work sent by the teacher. It is the teacher's responsibility to have work ready in the event that one of his/her students receives a referral.

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